MCS Advanced is an efficient and easily operable tool designed for semi and fully automated microscopes with digital cameras. The software allows:
  • Computer-aided inspection and measurement
  • Integration and management of the system components like microscope, illumination and camera
  • Convenient image documentation
  • Fast and scalable high-resolution live image
  • Interactive pixel-based measurements in the picture
  • Automatic tracking of the calibration value when the objective is changed (in conjunction with automatic microscopes)
  • Comfortable height measurements (reading out the Z-encoder)
  • Comparison of stored images with live image
  • Automatic uptaking of Z-stacks for infinite depth of field


Modern microscopes are often equippend with electronic interfaces and motoric assemblies, e.g. scanning stage. MCS Advanced enables these microscopes to develop their full capabilities because many electronic features can only be usefully utilised in this way. The full integration of the microscope and the camera into the operating software allows a convenient controlling of the device. Thus, for example magnifications, contrast techniques and light and aperture settings can be selected by a mouse click. For complete documentation, the microscope settings get recorded and stored with each image.

Features (as far as supported by the microscope):
  • Controlling of the scanning stage
  • Full integration of the microscope and the camera into the operating software
  • Handling of the microscope by mouse
  • Magnification, contrasting techniques, focus, illumination and aperture control
  • Scalable high-resolution live image
  • Automatic tracking of the calibration value when changing the magnification level
  • Interactive measurements
  • Dual cross hair
  • Length measurements
  • Circle / radius
  • Angle
  • Areas
  • Displaying text or graphics (e.g. cross hair)
  • Automatic parfocal setting (only with motorized focus)
  • Automatic recording of focus stacks and EDOF calculation (extended depth of focus)
MCS-Advanced is prepared to grow with your wishes and requirements. The software provides a uniform and intuitive user interface for tasks up to fully automatic micro-inspection stations or optical high performance measuring devices with nanometer resolution.