Promicron Application Laboratory

A large number of devices for customer applications, system developments and demonstrations are available in our application laboratory (clean room).

Among other things, the following devices are currently available:

  • Leica DM8000 convertet for IR inspection
  • Promicron PROMIS-A VIS and IR inspection system with 6" and 8" wafer handling
  • Promicron PROMIS-C inspection system with 4" and 6" wafer handling
  • INM200 for structure width and layer thickness measurement
  • Leica INS 3000 / 3300

Our microscope station PROMIS-A, equipped with dual-arm robot and high-performance microscope, can be used for a wide range of examinations. Even transparent materials can be processed by handling and aligners.

There is a demonstration unit of our compact mocroscope station PROMIS-C available for demonstrations and application work.


  • Handling of wafers with 3" to 6"
  • Prealigner
  • 2 Loadports
  • Seperate base plate for microscope and robot
  • SPS for sensor technology
  • Cabinet with slot for robot controller and PC
  • INM200 microscope, refurbished
  • Bright- and darkfield
  • Motoric interference contrast
  • Optional transmitted light
  • 1,25x to 150x magnification depending on the lens
  • Motorized cross table

We also provide a selection of refurbished Leica INS3000 / 3300 instruments for demonstrations and examinations. Furthermore, we are available for service and spare parts as well as for the modernization of existing equipment.