About Us

Promicron GmbH is a plant constructor and system integrator for (semi-)automatic microscope systems based on development, design and production. We provide flexible solutions, focused on the following issues: Wafer Inspection, Defect Engineering / Defect Review and Optical Metrology. Our solutions are tailored to your requirements in production and development, for example, for the production of ICs, MEMS, solar cells and other substrates.

We offer efficient systems, which are precisely oriented to applications in the semiconductor and sensor industry. They are based on our own modular MCS Software Suite, as well as on microscopes and modules of Leica and other leading suppliers.

Our objective: We will make it possible.


Reinraum als Applikationslabor fertiggestellt

Für Applikationsarbeiten an Kundenproben, sowie die Weiterentwicklung bestehender Anlagen, wurde ein Applikationslabor und Reinraum eingerichtet.

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