Product Features

White Light Interferometry:

  • Fast and reliable tool for contact-free determination of 3D surface topographies of micro- and nanostructures
  • Microscope equipment based on INM200/Ergoplan or DM8000 with interferometer hardware & software for the measurement of topographies and the export of 3D data.


Wafer 9A

The measurements are based on the interferometric method. This is based on the fact that spatial and temporal coherent light wafes can overlap. The beams of the illumination device are divided by a beam splitter. One part of the light reaches the object surface, the other part generates a reflection by reaching a reference mirror. Due to the parallel acquisition and processing of the measuring points, height information can be obtained over a large area and in a very short time.

Areas of Application

Typical tasks in quality assurance and research are the characterization of surfaces with different roughness (wafer structures, mirrors, glass, metals), the determination of step heights and the precise measurement of curved surfacessuch as microlenses. The efficient, robust and highly accurate evaluation algorithms contained in the software are the result of extensive research. 


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